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can I accept the establishment?

Even through a punishment

and it isn't the people who see through the glass

it's if you stay in and keep in the class

Knowledge, it isn't much to say
I have too much do in my words to pay
off my dues
cause I get to choose

How can you be butch
acting like nothing happened before
when in reality it's sharper then the chore
and I came from a family who had it rough
Through moments and singles, you understand enough?
Of me
Cause in relativity

You can't get
in my met
in my shoes
in my dues
Through the door
walk into a world you never knew before
cause' that's me
waiting on three

we need a little time for bustle
get with the ruffle
through the cuffle
I got zipped and muffled
my mouth
through the house
in little time I came to you
and what did you tell me to do?

You said
take bed
lay down and sleep
don't you peep
and I
didn't believe the rye
this is not a book
and it's a novel, just take a look
Page through page
I got a path to go, rage
is the emotion
not the commotion
so much devotion
to stop a motion
and through a notion
I hadn't chosen
Which to go in
rub in the lotion

It's of your brain
woman, men, human kind
it's all the same
that I can find
even if life gives chives
can you give back lemons-give back lives

I tried to huffle
close in my chuffle
words and words, dont need a muffle

make up
like Dr Seuss
Just as simple as goose
and choose
which path do I lose
and one to be freed
what miss

Just mess with the words
and come up with verbs
and it doesn't need to be exact
it can totally be whack
and forth
through the north
Cause that's the key
On me
I have the key
laugh at me
Rhymed with three
twice, two times
I did that once with the same rhyme

Can you judge
pull the plug
just go with it
make it make fit
doesn't need to make sense
if you understand it.
A small poem about rhyme
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January 2, 2013
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